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2019 Ram 1500 Reviews, Ratings, Prices

Jul 16, 2023Jul 16, 2023

Infotainment system (audio, GPS, phone), rear entertainment system, backup or other camera/sensors, head-up display.

"Android Auto just weren't for for a couple days. Resolved itself."

"I enabled Android Auto. After several attempts, I thought it was operational. However, Bluetooth connection was slower than the one provided by FCA (Ram), it (the phone) did not always connect when I wished it to connect, and I finally deleted the app and resumed Bluetooth connection via manufacturer supplied electronics."

"Randomly the truck is does not recognize that my iPhone is connected via USB. I have purchased many cords from Apple and aftermarket and all do not work at times."

"Smartphone randomly disconnects and reconnects. When used with navigation, the destination has to be reset."

"Received safety recall notice. will be taken to dealer to correct on Monday 5/11/20"

"Apple CarPlay would randomly not recognize my phone, sometimes the buttons on the steering wheel wouldn't control the phone. Randomly, the screen would go blank and several times the backup camera would not show the lines on the display or go black. I believe all these problems are related to the head unit."

"If the car was put into reverse and then into forward, the backup/surround camera view would stay on the control screen the entire time you were driving. This problem did not occur every time. Only on occation. I believe that an over-the-air update was the fix."

"The display and control icons on the 12 screen screw up intermittently. This is a known problem and they are supposed to be working on a software fix."

"The display screen first started to freeze up on the camera mode about 8 months after purchase. It then started to completely freeze up about 2 months later where I had to completely turn the vehicle off and restart it sometimes multiple times to get the screen to operate. Finally one day it completely stopped working and as such rendered the vehicle completely undrivable and it had to be towed to the dealership to be repaired. Screen completely replaced under warranty with approximately 4 business days down time."

"Intermittently, the display screen will not come on at all. It seems to resolve itself if the car is turned off and allowed to sit for a minute or two then turned back on. The problem has happened about three times in the 12 months I've owned the truck."

"Screen went out without any prior issues. Still able to use touch surface to change channels but had a dark/black screen. Dealership said they updated software to correct the issue."

"The radio had to be replaced. It took 30 days to obtain the replacement unit. Since the climate controls and everything are integrated in the infotainment system, the vehicle had to stay at the dealer for 30 days."

"Complete and frequent failure of the Uconnect system. After many service visits and out-of-service days the radio head was replaced. It seems like FCA is not providing the dealerships the proper research, diagnostic, training and equipment to manage this system."

"It started with the GPS function failing. It would not update position at all and would not accept input or software updates. Noticed that the XM radio functions were reduced i.e. it would not show any data or information referenced to the station I was tuned to. I took it to the dealership who attempted to reboot the software which resulted in the truck not able to function at all. Too many features were disabled that are controlled by the head unit. They placed one on order but it took almost a month for it to arrive. To their credit, they provided me with a new truck to use at no cost for the duration of this process."

"Antenna was broken causing the XM Guardian/Uconnect to fail connecting to the servers"

"The head unit on this vehicle controls just about everything. As it started to fail I would see unusual items on the screen while driving - cameras on while in motion, loss of saved radio stations, etc. When it totally failed the vehicles battery drained. Once jumped I attempted to drive to the dealer but it was safe mode and would not allow me to drive out of 1st gear limiting speed. Total failure of this head unit pretty much prevents the vehicle from being used. I've actually had two of these units have problem but only replaced one. The current one still has occasional issues with regard to random cameras showing while driving - many times these seem to be related to overnight upgrades to software done by the factory."

"Difficult to use, can't just impute an address"

"This was Uconnect 4C Nav system with 12" display. Nav system got lost. Seemed to operate normally but location was completely off. Took several trips to dealer leaving car for several days each time. Dealer eventually replaced entire display/radio system. No problems since."

"On long trips the navigation would hang and the vehicle had to be shut off before it would reset. It was intermittent. The dealer flashed the navigation and it hasn't failed again."

"Twice on a long road trip, it took us the wrong way. It is poorly designed and does not give driver the option to select fastest route which makes it difficult to figure out what is going wrong with it. A friend suggested to pulling off the route into a safe area, shut the car off and then restart the car and reprogram the destination. Also, recommended start out the main road you know is correct and keep going until it gets the idea you have chosen a particular route. NO WAY IT COMPARES TO A GARMIN. You need a road map to get going the right way."

"Occasionally, the phone pairing drops after starting the vehicle. After stopping and restarting the engine, it usually begins anew."

"Bluetooth quit working on radio"

"When playing FM radio the volume "surges" up and down. Dealer is unable to fix. Occurs about 50% of the time when listening to radio. Shutting off the truck and restarting will occasionally fix the issue."

"It was an intermittent problem. Sometimes after starting the truck, no sound would come out of the radio for FM, satellite, or bluetooth at all. But switching to AM for a moment, and switching back to FM, usually resulted in the sound coming back."

"It has an intermittent hum"

"Radio would intermittently change channels by itself."

"Satellite radio doesn’t perform as it should.. it keeps going back to the promotional station each time the vehicle is stopped."

"It locks up intermittently with no sound at all. You have to completely shut it off and let it sit all day or night and 95% of the time it works again. RAM says they know about the problem but don’t have fix.. it’s been 3 months now and counting!"

"The audio will discontinue to operate once in a while?"

"Sirius worked for the first week of ownership. Then it just quit (would not receive any channels). Talked with Sirius 3 times in that week (all they said was that 2019 Ram 1500s had a recall issue because of something new in that model year). Dealership salesman and service personnel had not heard of any problems or recalls. After a week of trying and calling, it suddenly worked again. No explanation nor remuneration for lost air time."

"Tilt in reverse feature for rear view mirrors did not consistentantly function properly causing the mirrors to remain in the down position Radio speakers would not always return to music after finishing a phone call"

"Software that controlled compass and time zone setting had to be replaced"

"Occasionally don't get any sound out of the speakers, whether it's the radio playing, or phone. I can turn off the engine and restart and it will come back. This seems to be a known problem in other 2019 Ram 1500's."