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Jul 25, 2023Jul 25, 2023

Frustrating Transmission Leak Problem

Nothing says frustration quite like having a garage floor-staining transmission leak that despite having been at the dealership for repairs, continues to reappear. Worse yet, you’ve spent a significant amount of money to have the problem fixed and you are beginning to wonder why the service department is failing to solve your transmission issue.

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According to the FordTechMakuloco YouTube channel host, transmission leaks are often misdiagnosed because the mechanic fails to identify the true source of the leak by assuming that the most likely cause is from the pan below the transmission, which summarily leads to a gasket replacement when one is actually not needed.

This is an honest mistake. The bottom of the transmission is where oil leakage eventually travels to from other sources that can temporarily mislead even experienced mechanics. Couple that with driving down the highway, oil leaks are blown away from their origins and can spread to other areas making leak source identification difficult.

The Ford F-150 6R80 Six Speed Transmission Leakage Points

To help Ford owners of F-150 and Expedition models that have the 6R80 6-speed transmission understand this problem, the host does a demonstration showing a few common leak points in the transmission and explains how you can turn an educated eye on the problem to correctly diagnose where your leak is actually coming from before firing the parts cannon at the problem.

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The value of this video is that it shows you where to expect leaks to occur if they do happen and a common cause of why leak problems do occur at the pan gasket when the pan is the actual source of your oil leak troubles.

That said, here is the video well worth nine minutes of your day to learn something new and useful about your Ford truck.

Ford F-150 & Expedition 6R80 Six Speed Transmission: Common Leak Points Often Misdiagnosed!

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Frustrating Transmission Leak ProblemThe Ford F-150 6R80 Six Speed Transmission Leakage PointsFord F-150 & Expedition 6R80 Six Speed Transmission: Common Leak Points Often Misdiagnosed!And finally…COMING UP NEXT: