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UCOTD: 1993 BMW 318

Aug 02, 2023Aug 02, 2023

Today's used car is a California-based 1993 BMW 318is that is being restored.

The seller has put in a new fuel filter, new valve cover gasket, new timing chain cover gasket, new catalytic converter, a whole bunch of new sensors, a new headliner, a new heater core, new battery, new brakes, a new thermostat, new plugs, new wires, and new spark plugs.

There are cosmetic issues and some minor mechanical stuff that seems to not yet be solved. It's also not clear what transmission the car has -- I didn't see it listed nor do I see an interior photograph. This matters, at least to me, because a manual transmission 318 is pretty interesting.

There are more pics, mostly of the shocks and struts, at the original listing.

Check out this $7,000 BMW here.

[Images: Seller]

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Uhhh , $7k , no thanks ! Even if you were a Beemer person, this screams “ buying someone else’s problem” . Owner would be best to “ part out” this vehicle

7k may be optimistic but this is nowhere near a part out.

Years ago I worked at an auto shop, for regular customers we'd pick up and drop off their vehicles. As the errand boy, that was my job. A golfer guy had this exact car, same color, he worked at a golf course. There was another guy that owned a golf course, and he had a green volvo of the same vintage. Can you see where this is going? I got confused and dropped off buddies green 3 series at the other guys golf course. It sat there for 3 days before he called up asking where his car was. We all had a good laugh over that screw up!