Galvanized/Stainless Steel Stripwound/Interlock Hose Forming Machine~

Galvanized/Stainless Steel Stripwound/Interlock Hose Forming Machine~

,Auto/Truck Exhaust Pipe Inner Flexible Interlocked /Stripwound Hose Forming Machine~ 1. Product Details What can our ma
Basic Info.
Model NO. LTM
Application Industry
Type Pipe Production Line
Hose Application Exhaust Pipe
Delivery Date 30 Days
Material Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel
Pipe Type Round/Polygonal
Length According to Buyers′ Requirement
Color Customized
Dimension(L*W*H) 2500*1500*1800mm
Voltage 380 V
Productivity 300mtrs/Hour
Thickness of Strip 0.25mm,0.35,0.4mm
Length of Pipe 20-50m/Roll
Hose Type Interlock/Double Lock
ID 38-200
Strip Size 9.5mm*0.25mm(W*T)
Product Name Stripwound/Interlock Hose Forming Machine
Transport Package Standard Seaworthy Package
Specification ISO9001
Trademark HLT
Origin China
HS Code 8447902000
Production Capacity 1000sets/Year
Product Description
,Auto/Truck Exhaust Pipe Inner Flexible Interlocked /Stripwound Hose Forming Machine~

Galvanized/Stainless Steel Stripwound/Interlock Hose Forming Machine~

1. Product Details
What can our machine produce?
1. Round Interlock Hose (2S & 3S)
2. Polygonal Interlock Hose (2S & 3S)
3. Interlock Hose with Yarm
4. Car / Boat Engine Flexible Exhaust Pipe

Galvanized/Stainless Steel Stripwound/Interlock Hose Forming Machine~

Galvanized/Stainless Steel Stripwound/Interlock Hose Forming Machine~

2. Machinery Parameter
a. Machine No.1:
Machine TypeCF-150
Available ShapeRound or polygonal with different forming dies
Size rangeID38-150
Forming speed150-350m/8hrs
Strip thickness0.25-0.5mm
Strip width16 and 20mm
Outer dimensions3500mmX1200X1600mm

Galvanized/Stainless Steel Stripwound/Interlock Hose Forming Machine~

b. Machine No.2:
Machine TypeCF-300
Available ShapeRound or polygonal with different forming dies
Size rangeID150-300
Forming speed100-200m/8hrs
Strip thickness0.25-0.8mm
Strip width16,20, 28, 32mm
Outer dimensions3500mmX1200X1600mm

Galvanized/Stainless Steel Stripwound/Interlock Hose Forming Machine~

c. Other Types' Parameter
Making size/mmID38-150ID75-300ID200-400ID38-65
Speed M/H100-120150-400100-120150-400
Strip size /mm16-20*0.25-0.520*0.45m28*0.5-0.815*0.25

3. Machine Instruction

Principal: the machine incorporated advanced technology, the universal wheels and four pairs of forming wheels will be applied to form the hose step by step. The size of the interlock hose will be same as forming mold.
1. Seven pairs of wheels are all transmission wheels (refers to wheel drawings), the first pair of wheel is positioning (refers to wheel drawing 001).They can not be pressed too hard to prevent too fast feeding.The allowable tolerance in both sides can not be more than 0.3mm. The third pair are folding wheels(refers to drawing 3),the folding degree of asymmetry will not be more than 0.3mm. The fourth pair folding & shaping wheel(refer to wheel drawing 004), the strip will be folded and shaped to be 90° angle. The fifth pair (refer to drawing 5) will make 90° angle strip 60° angle.
2. After the strip goes through seven pairs of wheels, wind and fix the strip on the forming mold, and then press the slot step by step with seven pressing wheels. Run the machine slowly till the correct hose comes out.
3.The transmission wheels have been adjusted before delivery from the factory.

When adjusting the four center pressing wheels, please note: the first pair can not be too tight, then the second will be tighter than first, the other will be by the same way.
The turning direction of center pressing wheels:

Adjusting Process:
The seven pairs of wheels(1-7) will be positioned with spacers, the upper wheel must be in the same center line with lower wheel, do not fix them. There are spacers inside lower wheels which have been adjusted before delivery. The spacers outside the wheels will be pressed by the nuts. The spacers of different thickness will be used to make sure the lower wheel just in the center of the strip and both sides folded equally. The five pairs of wheels must be pressed down parallelly with same force. Make sure the strips are not damaged when pressing down the wheels.
Don't fasten the nuts on the pressing tools to keep the spring inside can move freely.
You need to put gasket when it is necessary to make tight interlock hose.
When adjust the transmission wheels, it is necessary to loose all wheels, and then let the wheels fall down freely and then fasten.
Keep the distance between pressing wheel support and the big plate of the machine 1.5mm one than another clockwise.(for 3-s machine, it will be 1.0mm)
  1. Add the grease in the chain wheel and chain before start-up and keep the shaft and chain are greased properly.
  2. Run the machine with uniform speed, never accelerate or reduce the speed suddenly. When start up the machine, the speed should be less than 400r/min and max. speed should not be more than 800r/min.
  3. Cut off the power supply when the machine is not running.
  4. Fasten the nuts on the wheels and stop them from sliding and keep check to make sure.

4. Company Overview
Comflex Industrial Co.,Ltd
We supply all kinds of machines related to hoses, bellows, and fabric expansion joints with more than 35 years. Meanwhile, we can also design and manufacture special equipment according your special requirement. Our machines have been exported to many countries, such as Ukraine,Russia, Viet Nam, India, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, UK, Turkey, etc.. We assure you long-term mutual beneficial cooperation relationship!
5. Application

Exhaust hose making machine are widely used to manufacturing exhaust pipe or flex connectors for the truck. Compared with interlock ASS hose, the 3-s hose has the following features:

  • Low leakage
  • Better sealing performance
  • Flexible
  • Exhaust connector, Exhaust pipe for the truck.Industrial flexible metal hose making.
  • SS & sss type, round & polygonal type



Produce speed/hr

Strip size(width*thickness)









































6. Packing & Delivery

7. Customer Visit

8. Certification

FAQ for interlock hose making machine
Q:Why choose us as your supplier?
A:We are most professional in flexible conduit making machine with more than 30 Years' experience
Q: What can you supply for flexible conduit making machine?
A: Interlock hose making machine
Squarelock hose making machine
Q:What sizes you machine can make?
A: Interlock Hose:ID3-ID450 on different machines
We need to know the following information to quote you correct machinery:
Q:What type of flexible conduit you need?
A:For instance, square lock or interlock hose, please send us profile drawing or picture to us.
Q:Hose size range
A:Such as:DN8-DN200
Q:Material of hose
A:Such as: Stainless steel (304,316L)/Galvanized steel
Q:Product type
A:Round/Polygonal interlock hose